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Not Seeking Guided Tour or Transportation from us, just great Professional Advice when traveling to Ghana, or Relocating to Ghana, let us consult for you! - $325

Great for those experienced travelers who are looking for a budget friendly adventure but need just a little advice and or guidance to help assure a safe and enjoyable trip!

This package is for professional consultation only! No booking assistance and no guided tours. We advise on budget friendly lodging, transportation and places to visit. This consultation extends through the duration of your trip, i,e, questions you may have during your trip. For those people who have lots of questions about Ghana and just need some on the ground guidence to verify places and situations that you may not be comfortable with. Every country has its traditions and taboos we can help you navigate through that. Places that are a must see! Places to avoid and why you should advoid it. Advice on relocating to Ghana and or starting a buisness. We also do on the ground investigations in Ghana to check out your sources, cost maybe a little more. $325.00 is our basic package, for more complicated request, cost may differ. Please e-mail or call us.

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