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Owners of Mansa Musa Tours and Bed & Breakfast

This venture began with the union of two souls seven years ago - Queen Mother Nana Sekyiaabea I (Nehanda Sankofa-Ra) and Nananbanyin Cobbinah. They were on separate paths, each manifesting their destinies until a serendipitous encounter at a beautiful beachfront hotel in Elmina, Ghana. She was leading a Group Tour, as was he. Their shared visions of the future bonded them. She hailed from America; he, from Ghana. Love blossomed, leading to marriage, the merging of their destinies, and the birth of "Mansa Musa Tours," "Mansa Musa Bed & Breakfast" (a beachfront establishment), "Queen Sekyiaabea Royal Jewelry Collection," "Sankofa Natural Butters," "The Royal House" (a short-term rental with three bedrooms, a game room, a pool, and a spa, conveniently located in Las Vegas, just nine minutes from the Strip), and "The Money Tree Boutique" (specializing in men's and women's fashion, situated on the University of Cape Coast Campus). Allow us to share the magic we've discovered and created in Ghana with you.




About Mansa Musa Tours

We named our company after this West African nonfictional giant because his legacy still resonates today, transcending his earthly existence. This is the inspiration behind our name, "Mansa Musa Bigger Than Life Tours." It's our way of paying homage to this ancestor and channeling his spirit of benevolence and wealth-sharing to build our own legacy. Mansa Musa remains the wealthiest individual in recorded history, reigning over the Mali Empire from 1312 C.E. to 1337 C.E. This empire encompassed regions that are now part of Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania, The Gambia, and the modern state of Mali. His influence extended significantly to what is now modern-day Ghana. We aspire for this awareness to empower people to delve into the fascinating history of Africa.

Humanitarian Aid

A History of Providing Humanitarian Assistance

Nehanda has operated a 501(c)(3) organization for over 20 years. A portion of the proceeds from her trips went towards humanitarian causes (a commitment that continues to this day). She orchestrated group humanitarian trips to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and to the Democratic Republic of Congo during a period of genocide, & work in her beloved Ghana. Additionally, she has journeyed to numerous African countries since 2001.

Seven percent of the sales we collect are allocated to charitable projects in our village.

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